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Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network

Bring back the Birdwing Butterfly

A project of Wildlife Queensland
This website is no longer the official website of the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network. It was developed for the Richmond Birddwing Recovery Network. The author has continued to maintain it in recognition of the efforts of the many volunteers involved in the project and in the collection of the wild and planted vines and butterfly sightings.
Using the Database.

The on-line database is used to record locations of wild and planted birdwing vines (Pararistolochia praevenosa) and sightings of all life-cycle forms of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia). Information has been gathered from a number of sources including the Queensland Herbarium, Land for Wild Life surveys, CSIRO records and the Wildnet database as well as community based records which have been verified by a reputed person.

The information is stored securely, names and addresses are restricted from access, but vine location coordinates, survey dates, number of organisms and general location is available in the form of tables, maps and graphs.

These tables, graphs and maps are dynamic and change automatically as new data is entered.

Access detailed and summary reports on vines and butterfly observations. Names and addresses do not appear in these reports..
View Google Maps with relevant data superimposed on the map. Use all of Google Map features to view the data. Names and addresses do not appear on these maps.
View a variety of Graphs which present the viewer with a meanigful summarized picture of the information in the database.