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Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network

Bring back the Birdwing Butterfly

A project of Wildlife Queensland
This website is no longer the official website of the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network. It was developed for the Richmond Birddwing Recovery Network. The author has continued to maintain it in recognition of the efforts of the many volunteers involved in the project and in the collection of the wild and planted vines and butterfly sightings.
Conservation of Birdwing Butterflies   Edited by Don Sands and Sue Scott.

"Conservation of Birdwing Butterflies" is no longer in print. The editors have agreed to publish the book on the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network website. The editors, Dr. Don Sands and Sue Scott still maintain the copyright of the book and all current Australian copyright laws relating to the reproduction of the content apply.

As the book was published in 2002, some of the material relating to contact details is no longer current. For further information, contact Wlidlife Queensland on +61 7 3221 0194 or send an email to info@richmondbirdwing.org.au .

The contents of the book have been divided into a number of sections more or less following the table of contents.

When the pages are opened they display in portrait A4 orientation which it is not easy to read. Rotate the page anticlockwise to read it comfortably. If you are using Internet Explorer, a shortcut to do this is to use <Shift><Control><minus> .

Cover and Introductory pages
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Table of Contents
Page 3 View Table of Contents'
Page 4 View Acknowledgements'
Editorial - Don Sands and Sue Scott
Pages 5-7View Editorial'
Birdwing Butterfly Conservation
Does it have Wider Values? - Tim New
Pages 8-13View Birdwing Butterfly Conservation'
Food Plants of the Birdwing Larvae - Don Sands
Pages 14-17View Food Plants'
School and Community Participation in the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Conservation Project - Sue Scott
Pages 18-23View Conservation Project'
The Paradise Birdwing (Ornitoptera paradisea Staudinger), with Special Reference to the Nominotypical Subspecies from the Madang Province of Papua New Guinea - Brian Fletcher
Pages 24-29View Paradise Birdwing'
The Conservation Status of Birdwing Butterflies in Taiwan - Yaw-long Yang and Huai-Sheng Fang
Pages 30-31View Birdwings in Taiwan'
The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia[Gray]): Its Natural History and Progress Towards REcovery - Don Sands and Sue Scott Part A
Pages 32-40View Natural History A'
The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia[Gray]): Its Natural History and Progress Towards REcovery - Don Sands and Sue Scott Part B
Pages 41-47View Natural History B'
Index of scientific names
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Back Cover
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